KEYBOARD Right 52 keys . Left : 120 Basses. Systems : International ( French ), Belgique.Key Velocity with 6 Velocity curves. Left and Right separate Velocity range controls.
POLYPHONY 64 notes. 32 Multitimbral.
SOUNDS 24 MB PCM ROM. 290 Presets Sounds Up to 1000 GM and Percussion sounds
FLASH SOUNDS (optional board) 8 MB or 4 MB Preset Voices – Disk rewritable.
USER VOICES 110 User Voices. Editing: A,D,S,R, Cut Off, Resonance, Effects.
ONE TOUCH 60 programmable One Touch Sounds. To Style assignment.
DRAWBARS 10 Digital Drawbar effects.
PROGRAMS 120 Programs, 4 Voices, 4 splits. Sustain, Portamento, Velocity switch, Duet, Trio, Morphing, Steel, Harmony and 2nd Voice assign. Single Program & Global loading.
2ND VOICE 292 Second Voices preset & programmable. 2nd Voice Edit.
REGISTRATIONS 198 panel settings Registrations. Single & Block mode.
DRUM 1 24 Drum sets. 24 User Drum Sets. 10 Drum sections. Drum Mixer. Manual Drums.
DRUM 2 50 Live Drum sets
ARRANGER 172 Internal Styles.Rewritable Style parameters. 4 Arrangers, 3 Intro/Endings, 4 Fill Ins (1 Break).Interactive Accompaniment & Brass. Manual Bass. Jump. Tap Tempo. Accelerando-Ritardando. Tempo control. Pedalboard .
Rootless & Standard Chord recognition. Pianist and Bassist functions. Automatic MS Style Conversion. Pattern up to 50 internal Pattern locations. Edit functions: Record, Clear, Copy, Remap. Flash Expansion (optional).
SONG RECORD Song Record Real time Song Recording to Disk.
OCTAVE 1 octave Up/Down.
HARMONY Full, Jazz, Double, Bluegrass, Trill, Repeat, Folk 1, Folk 2.
TRANSPOSER +/– 24 half tones.
WHEELS Pitch & Modulation
ARABIC SCALE 20 Arabic setups – 13 footswitch assignable. Tune +/– 99 cents per note.
ACCORDION Mode International, Belgique. Velocity control to Left & Right. Left Drum to Bass & Chord.
EFFECTS Multieffect DSP. 60 different effects. Reverberation, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Wha Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Rotor, Bass Boost. Portamento. Mono – Legato function.
MICRO Input with Gain control. Echo, Reverb., Pan/Pot, Pitch Shift, Dry.
VOCALIZER (optional unit) Harmonizer, Vocoder, Melody types, MIDI Vocalizer track, Vocalizer to Arranger, Vocal effects. Left & Right Harmonies.
MIDIFILE PLAYER SMF Song playback with karaoke and Txt files. Convert files .kar & MIDI type 0 to 1. Juke box. Intelligent Transposer. Song Chain. Drum & Bass. Lead On/Off. Save Song setup .
DRUM REMIX Real time interactive MIDI ?le and Style playing. Song and Style select.
MIDI In 1, In 2 , Out, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM standard.
HARD DISK (optional unit) Type ATA IDE 2.5. 6 GB.
DISPLAY 240 x 128 pixel backlit graphic TCF.
OUTPUTS Left/Mono, Right. Sustain and Volume Pedal. Footswitch (6 – 13 switches). Micro out.
INPUTS Stereo headphone. Micro jack.
COMPUTER PC/Mac Interface socket.
VIDEO INTERFACE (optional unit) Systems : PAL, NTSC, Super VHS. Monitor, Mirror, Zoom, Karaoke 1/2 page and full screen, Mark, Underlined. Size and position controls.
AMPLIFICATION 2 x 22W RMS Stereo with enhanced Bass.
OPTIONALS Video Interface, Vocalizer, Hard Disk, Flash Pattern expansion (2 MB), Flash Sound expansionMemory (8 or 4 MB), Hard Case ( wheels available) , Footswitch 6 or 13, Sustain pedal, Sustain pedal Piano type, Volume pedal, Midi Pedalboard.
DIMENSIONS L x W x H = (117 x 40.5 x 15.5 cm) (46.8 x 16.2 x 6.2 inches).
WEIGHT 16 Kg (35.2 lbs)



Rel. 2.1 – Ottobre 2004

1) Scaricare il file .exe: Software Upgrade per XD8

2) Scompattare il file prelevato da internet e copiare i 32 files estratti su un dischetto da 1,44MB.

3) Spegnere lo strumento ed inserire il floppy disk con I file estratti nel driver della tastiera

4) Accendere lo strumento mantenendo premuto il tastino ” F6 “ e sul display , dopo il logo della tastiera, appariranno le seguenti scritte in sequenza :

Loading : E0000000.BIN
Loading : E1000000.BIN
Loading : FF000000.BIN

5) Alla fine del caricamento , lo strumento si resetterà automaticamente e la fase di aggiornamento è terminata .




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Dimensioni e peso

Peso 24,0000 kg
Dimensioni 125,0000 × 26,0000 × 62,0000 cm
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