SOUND GENERATION Stereo Grand Piano, 512 voices: 3 GM Banks + 1 Special Bank
64 Factory Presets Voices, 64 User Presets Voices.
DRUM 1 32 New Drum sets.
DRUM 2 82 Drum loops, featuring Acoustic, Latin, Jazz and Dance audio Loops.
POLIPHONY 64 notes.
EFFECTS Multi effect DSP. Reverberation, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Rotor Slow/Fast.
OPERATION MODES Master Keyboard, Accordion, Organ, 2xMidifile
GENERAL FUNCTIONS lobal Transpose, Keyboard Transpose, Midifile Transpose,
Intelligent Transpose, Fine Tuning, Keyboard Split, Midi Reset
MIDIFILE FUNCTIONS Volume, Program Change, Solo, Lead Voice On/Off
MIDI 2 Midi In, 1 Midi Out (Soft Thru). 32 Midi Channels. GM standard
USB Interface,  Midi activity led.
OUTPUTS Stereo headphone, Stereo Output Left/Right
DISPLAY Alphanumeric 3 x 7 LED segments
TABS 24 input buttons. 0 – 9 Numeric Select
POTENTIOMETERS Master Volume, Voice Volume, Midifile Volume
DIMENSIONS L x W x H = (21×12,3×6,5 cm) (8,3×4,8×2,6 inches)
WEIGHT 0,9 Kg. (2 lbs)
POWER External 9 Volts Power supply (included)

Technical specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice.
Specifiche Tecniche ed estetiche possono subire variazioni senza preavviso.

Dimensioni e peso

Peso 24,0000 kg
Dimensioni 125,0000 × 26,0000 × 62,0000 cm
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