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Polyphony 216 notes, multitimbral.
Controls 4 Dynamic curves. Aftertouch. Portamento. Legato Mono_Poly. Transposer -/+ 24. Octave +/- 2. Expr. Pedal with 6 curves.

Factory Sounds

10 Voice groups: Piano, Strings, Organ, Brass, Sax, Pad, Synth, Guitar, Bass, Ethnic. 464 Preset Voices. Voice 1, Voice 2, each Voice with up to 3 different sounds. Drawbars. Factory Advanced Voice Editing. High quality multilayer Sounds with a vast selection of Real Solos ®. Factory overwrite and restore.

Up to 1.280 User Voices available. Arabic scale and key shift programmable per Voice.


User Sounds

2,5 GB free storage in non-volatile Flash memory (1,5 GB for additional Factory Sound Banks – 1 GB for User samples).

Sample Editor: up to 228480 samples (mono, usable 8192, max 6 seconds per sample). Up to 4 layered stereo instruments (Voice or Drum Set). Advanced editor with Split, Octave, Level, Range, Tune, Cut off, Velocity, Adsr. Sample Loop utilities. User Drum kits.

Adsr/Filter Separate sound controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain, LFO, Cut Off and Resonance.
Drum Set 62 Stereo Drums kits. 32 User Drum kits with Remap, Filter, Tune, FX controls. Drum Mixer: 9 sections with separate controls for level, pan, reverb, pitch, velocity compression. 86 Midi Drum styles (Pattern) available on Grv1_Loop section.
Drawbars 9 digital drawbars. Slow-Fast Rotor. Overdrive, Click, Vibrato, Reverb, Percussion. Full EDITING. 24 Organ Presets. Twin Organ: possibility to mix PCM and Digital organ tones for a wide stereo sound reproduction.



Over 500 Styles. Real Styles, featuring a mix of Midi and audio parts (see below), Live and Midi Styles. 10 groups: Ballad, Pop, Dance, Rock, Swing, Latin, Country, Folk, Party, Unplugged. 3 Intro, 3 Ending, Fill to End, ABCD, 4 Fills, 4 Break. Reintro, Count In, Pause, Key Start, Key Stop, Variation.

User Styles with unlimited store capabilities.

5 Midi Chords and Bass. Close, Parallel, Logic mode. 3 x Lower with Mono/Poly function. Chord Variation. Varitone. Voice to ABCD. Auto Fill, Fill to Arrange, Fill to Aftertouch. Chord modes: Easy1, Easy2, Easy3, Fingered 1, Fingered 2. Orch. Variation Morphing.

Rootless mode. Manual Bass, To Lowest, To Root. Bassist and Pianist mode (Standard/Expert ). Bass and Chord Lock.

Live Drums 580 Live Drums with a complete Arranger structure (3 Intros, 3 Endings, ABCD, 4 Fills, 4 Breaks). Reverb and 3 band Parametric Equalizer with 10 presets, programmable on each style. Drum Boost. Possibility to load external User Live Drums. Drum Lock.
Grooves 3 x independent Groove sections. Huge library of more than 780 Latin percussions, Electro and Acoustic Drum loops, Single percussion hits. Groove to Variation. Separate volume and EFX controls.
Live Guitars 216 sliced Guitar patterns including Long Chords. Separate volume and EFX controls.

Real Chord

More than 300 Real audio accompaniments covering a full chord range (up to 13 different chords). A wide variety of electric, acoustic, and jazz guitars patterns and other orchestral sequences perfectly synchronized to Midi. Dedicated Insert EFX with full editor, programmable for each style.

Possibility to load external User Real Chords.

Real Bass 256 Real audio Basses synchronized to Midi. Twin Bass: possibility to switch Midi or Audio on the same style. Support to external User audio Basses.

3 band Parametric Equalizer with 10 Presets, programmable on each style. Possibility to load external User Real Basses.

Style Modeling Navigate and choose Drums, Grooves, Bass and Chords from the massive Midi and Audio Library. Multichord and Multibass templates.
Style Edit Advanced pattern recording and editing. Copy, Quantize, Velocity, Octave functions. Special quantize available for oriental styles (7/8, 9/8, 13/8, etc.).
Registrations 4 Banks with unlimited Registrations controlling the global set up of the instrument.
Performance Provides fast access to Styles, Registrations with Style, Mp3, Wav or Midi files. 7 Sets with unlimited file storage.
Play Mode Master, Accord/Style, Accord/Classic, Organist.
Phrase Real time recording and play for Style chord sequences.
Footswitch 4 programmable Set. Assignable to the most relevant instrument functions and features.
Arabic Scale 16 sets. 6 scale memories.
Dsp Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Overdrive, Distortion, Tremolo, Autopan, Equalizer. 2 stereo EFX Insert assigned to Voice and Voice 2, 1 Insert to Arranger chords, 1 Insert to Real Chord. 64 Single Presets and 64 Chain Effects. Deep editing.
Stem 4 Scenes. 5 audio tracks per scene to be played simultaneously. Lead track, Transpose, Time Stretching, Loop, Solo, Mute, Autoplay. Fixed pitch for Drum section. Support for external User Stems.
Player 2 separate Player units feat. Transpose, Audio Time stretching, GM, Jukebox, Playlists, Drum Remix, Markers, Lyrics, Cross Fade, Search, PFL, Midi Mix, Karaoke Backgrounds. Support for wav, midi, mp3, mp4, avi, mov, flv, cdg, jpg, png, txt and pdf files.
HD Recording 1 stereo audio track. Midi and Song Style recording.
Audio Multitrack 5+1 audio tracks.
Inputs 1 Micro input (combo XLR) with phantom power (48V) and with gain control. Effect with Reverb, Delay, Equalizer, Pitch shift. Second Input (TRS) for microphone, line and instrument level signals with volume and reverb control.
Voicetron 3 voice vocalizer. Assignable to Arranger or Midi file with Presets, Equalizer, Mode functions.
Video HDMI connection for displaying lyrics, pictures, and videos (up to Full HD Resolution). Remote control via HDMI (1280×720 Resolution capable screen is required).
Bluetooth Streaming audio input (ad2p profile).
Remote control Remote control via VNC (Wi-Fi direct, LAN direct or LAN DHCP) or via HDMI. Connection mode led on front panel and connection mode switches on rear panel.
Wi_Fi Remote control via VNC (Wi-Fi direct).
LAN Remote control via Ethernet cable (direct connection or DHCP).
Storage 240 GB internal SSD disk (80 GB reserved for System). Optional external SD Card (up to 512 GB).
Front Connections Headphones, Input, Micro with direct output.
Rear Connections Main Out Left / Right. Sustain pedal. Volume pedal. Footswitch. Midi In1, Midi In2, Out, Thru, 2 x USB device. USB Host. HDMI, Ethernet.
Optional Volume pedal normal or deluxe. Sustain pedal normal or piano type (available also with Footswitch connector). Footswitch 6 or 13 switches. Midi Pedalboard 13 notes (K8). Monitor 15.6″ touchscreen. Backpack.
Dim. / Weight 27 x 20 x 6 cm (10,6 x 7,8 x 2,3 in) / 2 Kg (41 lbs.)

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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It seems incredible, but our higly acclaimed EVENT flagship is now entirely contained within this remarkably compact module, featuring the same Sounds, the same Real Styles and all other functions of the keyboard.
Perhaps no other arranger product has ever been created with such a concentration of musical possibilities. The EVM is easily adaptable to various forms of use since it is fully Midi compatible.
If you are considering a compact, easy-to-carry device that can replace your arranger keyboard in a live gig situation, during plane trips or in studio recording sessions, the EVM is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.


EVM is designed to provide easy access to the most sophisticated style architecture ever developed on an arranger module.
It comes with over 500 Styles, divided into Real Styles, Live Styles or MIDI Styles.
The Real Styles, with their impressive authenticity, stand out thanks to the backing tracks in full audio format.
EVM features a rich manual Lower section, with three independent parts and Mono / Poly modes.
You can use the new advanced Style Edit to program your new styles and save any customized configuration in the User memory.


The  rhythm  section  features  over 580 Real Drums and complete drum patterns with Intro, Ending, 4 Variations, Fill and Break, covering a wide variety of musical genres.
Unlike other musical instruments, where the rhythmic sequences are mostly short loops controlled via MIDI, EVM has real studio recordings of professional drummers available in eight or more measures, without any cuts or editing. The result is incredibly smooth and natural.
EVM provides Real Drum track equalization, as well as the Drum Lock mode which loops the rhythmic pattern that is being played.
Furthermore, there are 94 new stereo Drum Sets: with Drum Mixer and Remap, you can reassign the individual percussion sounds and save them in one of the 32 available User Drum locations. The Groove section is outstanding, with over 700 percussive sequences, three independent Groove parts that control House, Hip Hop and Latin loops, as well as an amazing variety of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian or Latin percussion instruments, including Conga, Shaker, Maracas, Cowbell, Cajon, Tambourine and many more.


EVM’s bass section provides a wonderful library of 256 Real Bass: bass lines that are recorded in the studio by real bass players on various tones and perfectly synchronized with the rhythm of the style. It is impossible to not be carried away by the energy of these bass lines, from traditional Ballads, Soul rhythms, to Disco Funk.
The tone color, the various keys correct positions on the neck and all the natural vibes of the performer give the sensation of playing with a real bassist next to you! Real Bass adapts naturally to chord changes, as if it were a normal MIDI bass, even playing To Lowest mode with the bass upside down on the lowest note! It is very easy to switch between MIDI and Audio bass in real time (Twin Bass), modify the voice of the Real Bass using a parametric equalizer or lock the current set using the Lock Bass mode. The series of functions available for Bass such as Manual, To Lowest, To Root and Bassist are particularly refined: for example, the latter recognizes the chord by combining the notes played both on the right part and on the Manual bass part.
Finally, the Multibass supports custom Bass progressions for various chords.


Real Chord is at the same time the most elaborate and entertaining feature of EVM.
You can control many guitar tracks or other instruments in real time: everything can be performed on several tonalities, including all chords on the scale.
More than 300 Real Chords, including a wide variety of recordings such as Folk, Jazz, Nylon, Electric guitar, and other instruments too like sax, harmonica, violin, trumpet and so on, all perfectly synchronized with MIDI into the arranger architecture.
The Real Chord features a dedicated EFX Insert with Chorus, Eq, Overdrive, Phaser, Wah and other effects.
The Real Chord pattern can be locked using the Lock Chord function to obtain “ostinato” peculiar of the Disco Funk genre. Just listen to one of the EVM’s Unplugged styles and get ready to be amazed by the authentic sound of a simple acoustic guitar.
EVM also has a vast library of Live Guitars (guitar loops managed by slices and controlled via MIDI), Long Chord and five MIDI chords, capable of playing simultaneously and with different voices and volume.
Another noteworthy feature is the Multichord section, with piano accompaniments, strings and other orchestral parts programmed for any given tones.


The powerful Audio Style Modeling system was engineered to offer an enormous variety of musical solutions, with the possibility of managing both the audio tracks of Real Drum, Real Bass and Real Chord and the orchestral MIDI tracks that you want to add to the arrangement. Navigation is easy and you can create new rhythmic or harmonic patterns within a few seconds.
EVM is also expandable: you can customize it by adding sounds and styles as well as audio recordings of rhythm, bass and chords.


EVM delivers premium sound quality and top-tier voices as we want to deliver the best-in-class professional arranger. 10 Sounds banks come with a brand new acoustic Grand Piano, a series of Multilayer Electric Pianos, an incredible selection of Strings and Brass, new acoustic   and  electric guitars, a completely renewed series of Pad, Synth, Bass and Ethnic voices. The instrument features 2 Voice sections, each capable of handling up to 3 simultaneous voices with 2 separate EFX Inserts. The Real Solos are solo instruments such as Trumpet, Violin, Sax, Flute, Oboe etc. with distinctive sounds, refined controls over Aftertouch, Round Robin, Articulation and natural decay of samples, all for delivering the authentic feel of real musicians playing. The Organ section is crafted with particular attention: a rich selection of sounds from original electric organs that can be mixed with the digital Drawbars, combining the high quality textures of the first with the real organ fell of the latter (Twin Organ). In addition to the outstanding internal voice editing system, EVM also features a new 2.5 GB User Sampler: you can upload new factory sound banks (SBK) on the non- volatile Flash memory or create new custom sounds on up to 4 stereo layers.


EVM features a microphone menu with 2 inputs (Micro 1 and Micro 2) with relative gain controls and new dedicated effects, as well as an individual audio output for the Micro 1.
The Voicetron section has been revamped with new harmony effects and many parametric controls for an accurate tone customization.


The two integrated multimedia players can play a wide range of formats: MIDI, MP3, WAV, TXT, PDF, MP4 and
many more. They are equipped with all the classic Karaoke functions such as viewing the Lyrics on an external display, Lead Mute, Crossfade, Search and Fade Out. Use Markers to reach different positions in songs, such as the beginning of a new verse or the end of the chorus. The new JukeBox offers quick access to different selections of music tracks, allowing performers to easily control their gig’s workflow.
Stem plays up to five audio tracks simultaneously in perfect sync.
Each audio track has individual Mute and Volume controls, it is also possible to change its pitch and Tempo without altering the pitch of the rhythm. It is also possible to exclude one or more tracks from playback, for example Piano or Bass, in case you want to play them live. A typical use of Stem is the playback of backing tracks with or without singing (Minus One), a particularly useful application for singers, guitarists in a live performance, but also for reed instrument soloists such as sax or trumpet.


When controlled by a MIDI accordion, EVM becomes the hearth of the show. Using the Classic mode, the accordionist can select different sounds for the right and the left hand. These combinations can be saved as Registrations and can be recalled in any moment of the performance. The jazz accordionist can also greatly benefit from the internal drum styles.


The EVM features dedicated connections for audio, video, file management, and remote control.
The HDMI port not only allows the display of lyrics on an external screen but also enables control of the EVM in all its functions, showing all instrument commands on the screen.
You can connect a mouse or a touchscreen monitor to one of the available USB ports for an intuitive, spacious, and functional control surface.
The displayed interface is fast and without latency. For those who prefer a more agile use of the instrument, it is possible to activate remote control mode via VNC (Virtual Network Computing).
Install your preferred VNC client on a tablet or PC and connect remotely to the EVM.
Connection can occur in two different configurations: via the Wi-Fi network generated by the instrument for maximum mobility, or through an Ethernet network cable.
To offer maximum connection flexibility in any situation, the Ethernet cable can be directly connected to the instrument (e.g., in the case of a live performance) or to a router if you want to integrate the EVM into your home or studio LAN.
The EVM has a microphone input with phantom power (48V) and a second input that allows the handling of microphone, line, or high-impedance signals. This enables the connection of any audio source to the instrument, whether it’s a microphone, guitar, smartphone, or tablet.
Bluetooth enables audio streaming from external devices such as smartphones and tablets, expanding the possibilities for playing music or backing tracks.


The EVM is particularly suitable also for the solo Guitar entertainer, thanks to the Guitar Input with dedicated Effects (Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Cabinet Speaker simulation etc.). With a suitable audio-to-Midi conversion system you can connect to the module even a regular electric or acoustic guitar.


The deal and most immediate connection for the EVM is undoubtedly the one with Digital Pianos, Master keyboards, Arrangers, Electronic organs and any other MIDI keyboard. The EVM will allow you to greatly enrich the orchestral sound palette of your current instruments, but will also put at your disposal an incredible variety of new top-quality arrangements. The module is conveniently set up for performance with Arranger on the left and Voice on the right.
The touch screen monitor (or tablet) can be placed on the music stand of your digital Piano or Keyboard to obtain an optimal graphic interface.

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