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  • The Installation of the new Update 4.0 will erase the Programs, the Registrations and the User files currently programmed within the keyboard. It will also erase and format the Flash Pattern location so all Flash styles will have to be reloaded once the system software has been installed. It modifies the names and the locations of many sections of the SD1 compared to the previous software. If such files are important to you, we recommend that you copy all of them into the SD1’s Hard Disk before starting the Installation.
  • We suggest that you take a look at the attached Technical Tables in order to see the right numerical order and correspondence of the Program Changes with their respective Sounds (GM Voices Bank A, B, & C), Drum Sets, Live Drums and Styles.


Many customers have requested for the ability to be able to install the new OS4.0 while maintaining the older SD1 sounds that have been well renowned as of date (associated with previous OS releases). The OS4.0b for the SD1 can now be installed without installation of the new associated 4.0 voices. I.e. by installing this software, the sounds of the SD1 will remain identical to what you had with previous versions (3.0c or later), however you will have all the new functions associated with OS4.0b.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Download the file SD1ORG.EXE and unzip all it’s contents onto an empty FD.
2. With the SD1 turned off, insert this disk into the FD of the unit and while holding down Midi (F6) button, turn on the keyboard.
3. The new files will be loaded and upon completion, the SD1 will automatically reboot.
4. Create on the SD1 a new Folder “NoSound” as follows:
a. Press Disk.
b. Press Folder (F8).
c. Press New (F1).
d. Write the name “NOSOUND” using the keys.
e. Press EXECUTE (F10).
5. Download the files PBANKNS1.EXE , PBANKNS2.EXE e PBANKNS3.EXE Into 3 blank FDs and copy these 94 files into the newly created HD folder ‘NOSOUND’ of the SD1.
6. Go to the new HD folder, select and LOAD the file ‘Sd1style.sty’. When completed, SELECT and LOAD the file ‘Sd1pbank.h80’ which will load all other associated files. This will reload the new Flash style format associated with this OS.
7. The SD1 will reset itself after all relevant files have been loaded into memory.



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