SD7 1.2.0




This update can be installed 
only if O.S. 1.1.1 has been installed



Release 1.2.0


1) Added the option “Save Player to reg” function (now possible to link a Player file to the Registration) – Reference41_registration.html
2) Added the option to Save files into a Registration, like Jpg, Png, Pdf. – Reference41_registration.html
3) Improved feature Marker on audio file (audio can be managed with Marker Immediate feature) – Reference25_function.html
4) Added BASS+LOWER BASS HOLD feature– Reference28_lower.html
5) Added TAP TEMPO and AUTOCRASH on Footswitch menu
 6) Added REMOVE SONG SETUP (remove old setting related keyboard saved on midi file). Menu available on save midi file function
 7) Added ROOTLESS function (Complex Chord without root will be recognized) – Reference45_style_chord.html
 8) Improved Chord recognition menu. Mode “Easy1, Easy2, Finger1, Finger2, Easy3” – Reference45_style_chord.html
 9) Improved Chord recognition menu for ACCORDION STYLE. – Reference30_menu_playmodes.html
10) Improved CDG file format options
11) Reduced latency on KEY STOP and RIGHT part SOUND feature
12) Added GUITAR TUNE – Reference: 32_input.html
13) Fixed note hold on sustain when playing Piano and sustained timbre (Organ, Strings  etc)   
14) Fixed issue on Mp3, Midi files while playing and operating Forward feature together 
15) Fixed issue on XFADE, SEARCH, METRONOME options
16) Improvements on Mp3  Karaoke 5 e Wave files with Lyrics (with different backgrounds)
17) Fixed issue on DSP when INSERT mode is used
18) Fixed other minor issues on various menus



How to update SD7 on 1.2.0 version


1) Download file “keyboard-14064.MJUP” download  

2) Copy the file onto Pen Drive USB.

3) Plug Pen Drive on SD7.

4) Press MENU tab.



5) Select PREFERENCES tab.



Press this button in order to select Backup/Restore page of SD7.

6) Select UPDATE BACKUP tab.



7) Press SYSTEM UPDATE tab.



8) Press  OK to confirm.



9) Select firstly device where located keyboard-14064.MJUP.


10) Select file keyboard-14064.MJUP. 


11) Press SELECT O.S. FILE.



Update procedure will start automatically. Wait untill will be completed. 

SD7 reboot will start automatically when update progress will be completed.

Warning: Don’t turn off SD7 while updating.

Warning: Update procedure need at least 80 Mb of free space on internal SSD memory of SD7.

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