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Release 1.1.0

1) Added new feature Style Single Player – Mix in the PREFERENCES menu. 
  In Single mode (by default at factory set) switching from Style to Player happens now more immediate and intuitive.
2) Added the function Arranger Transposer.
  Registration feature allows you to save the transposition applied on Right, Style and Lower without affect Midi files. Edit allowed by pressing both buttons + and Transp- Transp simultaneously.
3) Added to save  on Registration files such Mid, Mp3, Wav, Video, Txt, Pdf, Jpg, Png.
  From Player menu once selected one of these files the user can save it by pressing the Save button. Registration icon will be displayed. This Registration, once loaded, in addition to restoring the Right part also opens the Player and select the file. In case of Txt, Pdf and Png Sd7 will show automatically on the display.
4) Added Rootless Chord function that enables the recognition of complex chords played without the tonic
  (description with examples commented  on Sd7 internal Manual).
5)  Improved some details on Styles. 
6)  Added Player Autoplay feature on Regs Set Up – PlayMode. 
  If the Registration contains one of the following files (Mid, Wav, Mp3, Video) these are played automatically.
7)  Added Tap Tempo and Autocrash on footswitch.
8) Fixed some problems on Player while  Fader are used.
9) Improvement detection on Pianist Sustain.
10) Added insert EFX Rotary assignable to Joystick on Edit Voice.
11) Removed Right slider volume control link pair from Lead channel of Midi file.
12) Improved conversion from  .PAT to  .KST format Styles.
13) Optimized management on Live Bass and Bass To Lowest feature.
14) Added new Root recognition of Chords positions.
15) Fixed function on the Led buttons such Media, Record and Pause.
16) Improved fast forward feature on Mp3 files.
17) Some improvement when playing Txt, Txt + Mp3 and Midi files.
18) Other minor bugs fixed.



How to update SD7 on 1.1.0 O.S. version



1) Download file “keyboard-9160.MJUP” download  


2) Copy the file onto Pen Drive USB.


3) Plug Pen Drive on SD7.


4) Press MENU tab.



5) Select PREFERENCES tab.




Press this button in order to select Backup/Restore page of SD7.

6) Select UPDATE BACKUP tab.



7)  Press SYSTEM UPDATE tab.



8) Press OK to confirm.



9) Select firstly device where located file keyboard-9160.MJUP.  



10) Select file keyboard-9160.MJUP. 



11) Press SELECT O.S. FILE.



Update procedure will start automatically. Wait untill will be completed. 

Midjpro reboot will start automatically when update progress will be completed.

Warning: Don’t turn off SD7 while updating.

Warning: Update procedure need at least 80 Mb of free space on internal SSD memory of SD7.



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