SD2 / SD4 Utilities


SD2 / SD4 Utilities – Ottobre 2006

This page offers some utilities for the SD2 / SD4 instrument that will allow you to use some very important functions of your instrument in a much simpler and detailed manner: TEMPLATES, TECHNICAL TABLES, LOOP LIBRARY.



Sound Editor for SD4

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In this first section denominated SD2 / SD4 Templates you can download the contents of documents and files, in zipped format ( zip ®), to configure the SD2 / SD4 instrument with some of the most popular sequencers ( Cubase ® , Logic ® Cakewalk ®) to be able to manage the maps of Sounds and the Drawbars section much easier. The enclosed documents offer some examples on their configuration and use.

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Computerised documents of all the Orchestra sounds and Drum sets available in the built-in memory of the SD2 / SD4 instrument. This document ( zip ®) proves extremely useful to find out all the real sound potentials of the SD2 / SD4 instrument.


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This is a library with all the midi files that control the Audio Percussion Loops of the SD2 / SD4 instrument, to be used with your sequence program. Once you de-zip the file ( zip ®) the computer automatically creates some folders containing the midi files of the Single Loops, the Demos and some typical configurations of applications for Styles.

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