How to update the instrument:

1) Download the file SD1000_1.4.zip    

2) Unpack  the file SD1000_1.4.zip in a folder in the hard disk of your pc.

    The folder contains the following files:

    – VCP_V1.3.1_Setup_x64.exe
    – VCP_V1.3.1_Setup.exe
    – sd1000par015.par
    – SD1000Updater_1.4.exe

3) When the instrument is disconnected install the drivers needed to run the update tool VCP_V1.3.1_Setup.exe if you have a 32-bit system, VCP_V1.3.1_Setup_x64.exe if you           have a 64-bit system.

   NOTE: if you have already installed the files, got to the point 6).

    Afer running the program you will see the following screen:



4) Select the button Next.

   Once the installation is complete select the button Finish.



5) Connect the instrument to the PC via USB and turn on SD1000.

    NOTE: if this is the first time you connect it to the computer wiat until drivers will be installed. 

    SD1000, depending on the operating system installed on your computer, will be recognized as  “USB Speakers” or “SD1000”.



6) Install SD1000Updater_1.4.exe program.




7) Press the button UPDATE and select the file sd1000par015.par to update the istrument.




NOTE: first time you’ll perform this procedure, you will probably receive an error message from the program to warn that he could not connect.

This is absolutely normal due to the installation of the device in update mode.

Once the installation of the new device will be completed simply press button again and select the file sd1000par015.par to update the instrument.







8) Once finish, press button Exit.

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