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  • The Installation of the new Update 4.0 will erase the Programs, the Registrations and the User files currently programmed within the keyboard. It will also erase and format the Flash Pattern location so all Flash styles will have to be reloaded once the system software has been installed. It modifies the names and the locations of many sections of the SD1 compared to the previous software. If such files are important to you, we recommend that you copy all of them into the SD1’s Hard Disk before starting the Installation.
  • We suggest that you take a look at the attached Technical Tables in order to see the right numerical order and correspondence of the Program Changes with their respective Sounds (GM Voices Bank A, B, & C), Drum Sets, Live Drums and Styles.






Here is the correct procedure to properly install the Update 4.0 for SD1.
Download from web site into your computer all the 12 Files .exe.
Copy the Update Software to the Floppy by clicking on the file SD1Stan.exe and than on the function Unzip. The 36 Program files will be automatically transferred onto Floppy disk.
Insert the Floppy with the Program into the SD1’s driver while it is turned off.
Switch On the keyboard holding down the function button Midi (F6) for a second. The new Program will be automatically installed in SD1. When installation begins, you may release the F6 button. At the end, the message “Flash not formatted” will appear. Proceed and press “Format”.
Turn off the Master Folder to prevent undesired copying or overwrite into the Folder Reload – 90 by turning of the Master Folder LED.
Create on the SD1’s Hard Disk a new Folder, giving it the name “STANDARD”. To create the folder, proceed as follows:

– Press Disk
– Press Folder – F8
– Press New -F1
– Write the name “Standard”
– Press Execute- F10.

Before proceeding, be sure that Folder you are using is the Standard one just created (and not a User 01 or others).

Download one by one from the Computer to Floppy disk all files Pcm.exe and PBank.exe, clicking first on the .exe icon and then on the Unzip function.

Then copy the content of every Floppy disk into the folder Standard previously created on the SD1’s Hard Disk.

NOTE: This operation can be made using just 1 Floppy disk (by copying from computer to floppy, floppy to HD, erase floppy and copy the next file from computer to floppy…) or using as many Floppies as the files to be loaded (approximately 14). For faster operations of such nature, it is advisable to utilize the KetronFT program found on our website. This will require the purchase of the special cable 9AC123 which will link your computer to the computer host connection of the SD1. Once this software is installed, you will be able to copy directly and rapidly from your computer to the HD of the SD1 all relevant files (111).

Select in the Standard Folder the file 0Flash.rld and then press Load (F2) to confirm. After loading is terminated, the SD1 reset itself automatically.

Select once more in the Standard Folder the file 0Standard.rld and press Load (F2) to confirm. This operation (which requires some time) installs into the SD1 the new Style’s Parameters, the new Sound Program and other internal operating files set by KETRON. After this operation, you may choose to reload your files that were saved prior to the beginning of this update.
After loading has been completed the SD1 resets itself.

The Update 4.0 is entirely installed and the “new” SD1 is ready to be played!

Flash Style Replacement

It is possible to strongly enhance and personalize the keyboard by replacing individual internal Flash Styles with some of the Patterns optimised and offered from KETRON together with the SD1 Restyling or with other completely new Styles.

The Replacement operation can be easily achieved by following these instructions:

– Download from the styles web page into your computer the Patterns you prefer.

– Copy the Patterns on a Floppy disk and insert the Floppy into the SD1’s driver.

– Copy the Patterns from Floppy into the Hard Disk. They can be copied into the Master Folder or into any other folder you prefer.

– Press Utility, go to Page 3 and press Password – F6. Press again F6 to Unlock the Password Folder protection and confirm with F 10.

– Now press Disk to see the Pattern directory.

– Select with Value the first Pattern and press Load (F2).

– The Display will ask for the Style to be replaced. Scroll with the -Value + buttons the Flash Style locations until you find the one you want to replace with the new Pattern.

– Press Execute to confirm.

The size of Flash memory available for Style Replacement is clearly displayed on the screen anytime a Replace operation is made. Normally it should be possible to replace the 109 Flash Styles in the SD1.


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