MidjPro 1.3.4




This update can be installed on MidjPro
only with 1.3.2 O.S. already installed




Release 1.3.4

Synchronization improved on TXT linked of audio and midi files.  
Adding function on internal User Manual.  
Improvements on some Styles. 



How to update MIDJPRO on 1.3.4 O.S. version



1) Download file “REL1_3_4-13108.MJUP” download  


2) Copy the file onto a USB Pen Drive.


3) Plug Pen Drive on MidjPro.


4) Press MENU tab. 



5) Select PREFERENCES tab.




Press this button in order to select Backup/Restore page of MidjPro.

6) Select UPDATE BACKUP tab.



7) Press SYSTEM UPDATE tab.



8) Press OK to confirm.



9) Select firstly device where located file REL1_3_4-13108.MJUP.



10) Select file REL1_3_4-13108.MJUP. 



11) Press SELECT O.S. FILE.



Update procedure will start automatically. Wait untill will be completed. 

Midjpro reboot will start automatically when update progress will be completed.

Warning: Don’t turn off MidjPro while updating.

Warning: Update procedure need at least 80 Mb of free space on internal SSD memory of Midjpro.



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