MidjPro 1.3.3




This update can be installed on MidjPro
only with 1.3.2 O.S. already installed


   German translation 



Release 1.3.3

1) Added show Chord  feature of the midi file in the Lyrics view.
  From the PREFERENCES menu, you can select the new  “CHORD ON LYRIC” mode which displays Chord carried by  midi file (if present in the file such meta events  text or exclusive system message) to be displayed within words below the syllable where  Chord change occurs.
2)  Adding new Guitar Tuner feature on MICRO 2 / GUITAR menu.
  In this menu you can tune your guitar by following the instruction of MidjPro. In detail, once connected to Guitar input, you can activate and control it easily. Turn on Tuner and select string where you want operate. String selection can be made by clicking on the note buttons marked on tabs displayed or press on the virtual guitar keyboard on the right of the display. In this way, you are first issued a note corresponding to tune, and after a few seconds the tuner will be activated automatically. Now act on tunig keys of your guitar until the pointer of tuning will be centered. Green led bar will be coulored when right tune is achieved. For efficient use it is recommended a firstly raw tuning by ear (using the note emitted by the instrument when you touch the virtual keyboard shown on the display) and make tuning more calibrated using the guidelines of the tuner.
3) Improved compatibility of  some  midifiles.
  Several improvements of multi-track Midi files with midi multiple overlapping events.
4) Added  selection of graphic skins for display.
  Now you can change the background theme (colors, images and fonts) of the instrument display. There are 4 new different graphic themes (SKIN). To access the selection of the background skin select DISPLAY SKIN under Preferences menu, then select the desired skins and restart the machine. The new graphic SKIN will be displayed at the next reboot.
5)  Improved compatibility and importing  feature of  styles .KST
6)  Corrections and additions of new features on internal owner manual.
7)  Minor issues fixed.



How to update MIDJPRO on 1.3.3 O.S. version



1) Download file “REL1_3_3-12496.MJUP” download  


2) Copy the file onto a USB Pen Drive.


3) Plug Pen Drive on MidjPro.


4) Press MENU tab. 



5) Select PREFERENCES tab.




Press this button in order to select Backup/Restore page of MidjPro.

6) Select UPDATE BACKUP tab.



7) Press SYSTEM UPDATE tab.



8) Press OK to confirm.



9) Select firstly device where located file REL1_3_1-4624.MJUP.



10) Select file REL1_3_1-4624.MJUP.



11) Press SELECT O.S. FILE.



Update procedure will start automatically. Wait untill will be completed. 

Midjpro reboot will start automatically when update progress will be completed.

Warning: Don’t turn off MidjPro while updating.

Warning: Update procedure need at least 80 Mb of free space on internal SSD memory of Midjpro.




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