MidJay 4.2i






1) Upload MIDJAYOS42i.exe
2) Unzip the file to extract MIDJAYOS.BIN.
3) Connect Midjay to the computer using the USB port
4) Delete the MACHINE.INI and the MONITOR.INI files that are located in the MIDIJAY’s main root ( C:/) if you had saved any Power On Settings. Due to the new implementations this file will have to be removed in order to get the new default Monitor and Power On settings. You can later re-create your Power On Setup settings when the update is completed.
Machine .ini files store information about Monitor setting and General settings such as Footswitch , Play mode, .Mid etc. After the update is complete, these parameters will need to be set/programmed again.
Warning: Do not disconnect the USB cable or switch off the instrument as long as the HD LED is flashing (denoting data is being transferred). You may loose all data on your hard disk if the cable is unexpectedly disconnected during use. Wait for the HD LED to stop flashing prior to disconnecting the USB cable from the unit/computer or turning it off!! KETRON will not be responsible for data lost due to incorrect use of the UNIT!
5) Save MIDJAYOS.BIN on the Midjay main directory ( C:).
6) Once files transfer will be completed remove the USB cable by using Windows safe procedure Hardware remove.
7) Turn the Midjay off.
8) When turned on again, Midjay displays the message “ NEW OS File….press OK / ENTER .
9) While the OS is being loaded, the Midijay leds of the Play list section flash. Once this procedure is completed, the Midjay will restart automatically.
10) Turn the Midjay off. After a while turn it On again and press the 0-1-2-7 buttons until the following is displayed: [FLASH PROGRAM UPDATE] etc .. .
Follow the instructions and wait for the procedure to be completed.
11) Once the above procedure is completed, the Midjay returns to its standard operating mode.


Important: Any interruption of the power supply to the Midjay during the above procedure would seriously damage the instrument.







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