EventX 2.0.0

This update can be installed 
only if O.S. 1.3.3 has been installed.

Download Software: EventX 2.0.0

Release 2.0.0

Event 2.0.0

How to update EventX

  1. Download file Update_v200_231127.zip in the PC.
  2. Unzip the file Update_v200_231127.zip. 
    A folder Update_v200_231127 will be created. 
    Inside the folder Update_v200_231127 you will find a subfolder eventdir.
  3. Copy the folder eventdir on the root of an USB pen drive. 
    Safely remove the USB pen drive from PC.
  4. Switch off the instrument.
    Insert the USB pen drive into one of the 2 USB ports.
  5. Switch on the instrument and wait for the update to complete. 
    The procedure will restart the instrument several times. 
    Once the update is complete, the initial screen of the instrument will appear.
don't turn off the instrument while updating.
user-customized settings and settings will be not preserved.


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