This update can be loaded into the Audya
regardless of any previously installed Operating System.




Do not install this operating system, if you have already installed the Sound Upgrade via USB Pen Drive.






  1. Download  Audya4.1A Updater.msi   file and save it on choose folder of your PC ( Desktop is recommended ).  If eventually your computer needs to download approval against virus intrusion feel free to confirm. File is already tested for this purpose and safe.
  2. Click twice on icon file downloaded just to start on Update installation procedure. Please confirm every procedure step with “NEXT” in order to enable complete procedure. If a previous Audya updater will be found on your desktop this program will guide you firstly on automatic removal by press REMOVE AUDYA UPDATE and than by click Finish Once will be completed start again with Updater from #2 point.
  3. Once the installation will be completed, an Audya Icon will be created on your desktop.
  4. Run the program just installed ( click twice on Audya icon of your desktop ) and plug Audya keyboard on computer by using USB connection.
  5. Therefore click on START UPDATING command to activate transfer procedure of the 4.1A Update content. During this procedure a progress bar will appear on your computer in order to inform you about file transfer status. Please be careful to avoid any accidental interruption on your USB connection and power AC also.
  6. Once procedure is completed press EXIT command and then link down Audya USB connection on your Pc by “Hardware Safety Procedure“.
  7. Now Audya is ready to be updated definitely. Turn on Audya while keeping pressed for a couple of seconds the tabs F10 and UNPLUGGED. ( During update all function will be locked and all leds on Voice  section  will flash to inform on update status progress). IMPORTANT WARNING : During this procedure any attempt to turn off the instrument will cause damage and lost of important data.
  8. Once the update will be completed Audya will reboot automatically and after the auto initialize  procedure a warning message will inform you to press ENTER in order to terminate update.
  9. Press ENTER and  after the automatically reboot all new features will be operative.


Notice : Update procedure doesn’t modify your own files except StartUp file (Global, Midi Pedals and Video setting ) which will be overwritten to be suitable with the new implementations.



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