Amplification and stand

Amplification and stand
    Codice: 9SUGP1


 PEDAL:  switches pedal (Sustain, Sostenuto, Damper)
 POWER:  external DC15 volts
 SWITCH:  on/off
 INPUTS:  left/right
 OUTPUTS:  sustain cable, power DC9 volts
 POWER AMPLIFIER:  watts rms (2 x 25)
 BOXES:  2 bass reflex boxes (inside pedalboard cabinet)
 LOUDSPEAKERS:  2 x 4 inches
 PACKAGE CONTENT:  stand, pedalboard amplified, 2 xaudio cables jack to jack, external DC 15 volts, power cable
 DIMENSIONS (W x D x H):  205 x 235 x 650 mm (47,4 x 9,2 x 25,6 inches)
 WEIGHT:  19 Kg (41,8 lbs)


Technical specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice.
Specifiche Tecniche ed estetiche possono subire variazioni senza preavviso.




Stand GP1 Info





The amplified stand for the Ketron GP1 Classic Grand Piano is a valuable addition to your instrument. The stand can be assembled quickly and with minimum effort making it ideal for use in smaller performance venues or at home. Included in the base are three standard Grand Piano Pedals (Sustain, Sostenuto and Damper) plus a built in Power Amplifier delivering 50 watts RMS (25 watts per channel) through two internal 4" Bass Reflex Speakers. If you need to move your GP1 piano and do not need the stand, the procedure is simple and requires no tools or complicated dis-assembly. All of this is offered in an elegant and compact design which provides excellent sound reproduction.


















Stand GP1 - Depliant









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