KEYBOARD FEATURES 6 Velocity Curves. Split. Bend & Modulation Wheels. Aftertouch. Right: 53keys. Basses: 120 keys. Systems French, Belgique, International, Hollandais.
POLYPHONY 64 notes. 32 Multitimbral.
SOUND SOURCE 276 Sounds. 20 Drum Sets. 231 Percussion. PCM, Analog (Saw, Square, Sine), FM Voicing.
USER VOICES 128 programmable User Voices. Controls: ADSR, Filter, LFO, Wheels, Aftertouch, Effect.
SOUND CARD Flash Card 8Mbytes (optional).
FACTORY SYTILES 198 ROM Styles (2 Banks x 99 ). 10 parts: Drums, Bass, Groove, 5 Chords, Lower 1, Lower 2. 4 Arrangers, 3 Intros, 3 Endings, 4 Fill Ins. Jump. Arrange Lock: Drum, Bass, Chords. Bass to Lowest. Bass to Root. Manual Bass. Bass Octave. Bass Sustain. Pedal board. Swell to Right. Lower octave. Lower Hold. Left Level balance. Key Start. Key Stop. Restart. Count In. Start. Hold. Tempo Slow / Fast (40 – 250 ).
CUSTOM STYLES 198 Custom Styles free programmable with Parameter Editing from Factory Styles
DRUM MIXER 10 Drum sections: Kick, Snare, Hi Hat, Cymbal, Tom/Fx, Tambourine, Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, Groove. Drum On/Off switches with controls for Volume, Reverb, Pan pot.
USER DRUM SET  4 programmable User Drum Sets. Pitch and Key Shift functions.
PATTERNS Up to 99 internal Patterns. Flash RAM 2Mbyte expansion (optional). Recording and editing functions.
REGISTRATIONS 198 Internal Block Registrations .Up to 999 Single Disk Registrations per Folder.
PROGRAMS 128 Programs. 4 Voices. 4 splits. Functions: Volume, Shift, Pan, Tune, Effects, Duet, Trio, Sustain, Portamento, Velocity switch.
DRAWBARS 8 Digital Drawbars.16 programmable Organ effects. Click, 2nd and 3rd Harmonic percussion.
ONE TOUCH 48 One Touch settings for Right hand. (2 Banks x 24 )
2ND VOICE 2nd Voice programmable on Voices for Bank 1, 2, User and Drawbar.
2ND VOICE EDIT Voice change, Volume, Transpose.
OCTAVE Up/Down +/- 1 octave.
HARMONY Automatic harmonization effects: Full, Jazz, Double up, Double down, Bluegrass, Trill, Repeat, Repeat Speed.
PORTAMENTO Rate control +/- 64. Mono Legato function.
TRANSPOSER +/- 24 halftones.
AFTERTOUCH Assignable to Cut Off, Volume, Bend, Slide, LFO. Attack, Threshold and Sensitivity control.
MODULATION WHEEL LFO to Pitch, to DCF, to DCA, Wha Wha, Swell, Rate.
PITCH WHEEL Tune control +/- 99 cents. Vibrato On / Off. Bend value 0/24. Bend to LFO, DCF, DCA.
ARABIC SCALE Tune + / – 99 cents per note. 6 Arabic sets footswitch assignable. Up to 198 Arabic scale setups with Registrations.
ACCORDION MODE International, Belgique. Left /Right Velocity control. Bass Octave, Bass Sustain, Bass to Chord recognition, Lower, Octave. Manual Drum assignable to Bass and Chord.
EFFECTS 2 digital multi-effect DSP’s. 60 different Effects. Reverberation, Chorus, Flanger, Feedback, Delay, Wha-Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Rotor: Slow/Fast, Equalizer +/- 12 db (Low, Middle, High). 16 programmable User Effects.
SAMPLER 8 Mbyte Sampling 16 Bit – 44.100 KHz. Recording: Time, Trigger, Loop type, Reverse, Delete. Load & Save. Sample Edit: Start, End, Level, Pitch, Zoom, Key, Tune. Up to 8 Multisamples with 32 splits each. Multisample (MSP) edit: A,D,S,R, Cut Off, Velocity, Effects, Octave, Level. Wave files supported (max. 7 seconds.)
VOCALIZER (optional). Harmonizer, Vocoder, Melody types, Midi Vocalist track, Left and Right assignment, Reverb, Delay, Transpose, Level, Hold. Filter edit: Formant, Frequency, Resonance, Equalizer. 3 band Equalizer separate for Micro and Vocalizer.
MIDI 32 MIDI Channels. General MIDI standard.
SEQUENCER 16 – tracks. 30.000 Notes. Up to 300.000 notes with 4Mbyte SIMM (optional).
FLOPPY DISK DRIVE 3,5 “2DD/2HD, SMF Song Playback. Real Time Song Recording. 0/1 Format. Data Save/Load for Custom Styles, Patterns, Programs, Registrations, User Drum Set, User Voice, Sounds. Song Play/Pause. Songs with Lyrics. Karaoke (Reverse, Underlined, Mark). Juke Box, Lead & Lyric On/Off. Song List. Song Text (Font 1/2).
VIDEO INTERFACE (optional ).
HARD DISK From 1Gbyte (up to 8 Gbytes max). Type: ATA – IDE 2,5”. Up to 99 Folders. 999 Files per Folder.
COMPUTER INTERFACE PC / Mac interface ( Cables & software optional)
DISPLAY 240 x 128 pixel backlit graphic TFC.
OUT ASSIGN GM / Keyboard Out assignment to 4 audio Outputs.
AMPLIFICATION 2 x 22 W RMS. 4 Speakers. Speaker On/Off.
INPUTS Stereo Headphone. 2 Line Inputs: Left/Mono, Right. Microphone stereo input. Gain control. Level, Pan/pot, Echo, Reverb, Pitch Shift +/- 12, Dry.
MIDI IN 1, IN 2, OUT, THRU. Left/Mono (1), Right (2), 3, 4. Sustain Pedal. Volume Pedal. Footswitch. Computer interface.
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Flash Card 8Mbyte. Sound Bank (from 1 to 8 Mbytes). Pattern Flash expansion 2Mbyte. Sequencer SIMM expansion 4 Mbytes. Volume Pedal. Footswitch FS 6 / FS 13. Vocalizer kit. Sustain Pedal. Sustain Pedal Piano type. Midi Pedalboard. Volume Pedal 4 switches. 9 effect Manual switch. Hard Case. Video Interface. Computer Interface kit for PC ( Cable & Software ) Computer Interface kit for Mac (Cable & Software)
DIMENSIONS 17 x 40,5 x 15,5 Cm.
WEIGHT Kg.16 approx.

Tastiera Elettronica Ketron X8


Electronic Keyboard Ketron X8


New Software information




Rel. 5.0a – October 2004 –


1) Download .exe file :


2) Unpack .exe file downoaded from internet and copy files on a 1,44 floppy.

3) Shut down the musical instrument, insert the diskette with the uexeped files into the electronic keyboard driver.

4) Turn on the keyboard holding down the ” SAVE/ENTER “button, then on the display will appear , after the ” KETRON X… ” logo, the following words:


Loading : E0000000.BIN

Loading : E1000000.BIN

Loading : FF000000.BIN




5) Terminated the reset phase, push down “Disk” and choose the floppy disk option in case you have an hard disk featured model

6) Push down subsequently: “SAVE/ENTER” , “F3” and “F9″ to initialize the keyboard ( this last operation is due because ” POWER ON SETUP ” functions are changed)

The instrument is now upgraded to the newer version











Rel. 5.0a

1) MONO function added to the user voice.
2) FIXED function added for the pedal board key velocity ( Arranger view F4),
saved in the power on setup
3) Changing from bank 3 to bank 0 or 1 the RAM led switch off
4) When LOCK is set , the Vocal Channel is reserved for the vocalist and saved
in the power on setup
5) Global Transpose in the midi RX

Rel. 4.0a

1) The writing “Fill4” is changed to “Break” in the menu vocalizer to arranger

2) Record song now records also the bass sustain

3) Search song directory with more then 20 midifile with the same initial character, by pressing value + or – now shows the following pages

4) The functions HOLD e LEFT DRUM are added to the foot switches

5) Possibility to load sound banks till 16 MB

6) When starting with song recording , now the keyboard transopse is cleared

7) Using the sequencer , by pressing PAGE + and – contemporary , the tempo is shown

8) The selection of single registration by footswitch now is possible

9) Saving “DYnamic ARRANGER” in “POWER ON SETUP” now is possible.

10) In “SONG PLAY” and “JUKE BOX” the file list is automatically repositioned

11) In the song record the left balance is now discarded because the song balance has the same function

12) Saving of “POWER ON SETUP” on the disk is now possible in the file “POWER.PON”



Previous Versions



Dimensioni e peso

Weight 24.0000 kg
Dimensions 125.0000 × 26.0000 × 62.0000 cm

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