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SOUND GENERATION Stereo Grand Piano.384 GM Voices.
128 Special Orchestral Presets. Over 1000 Percussive sounds.
GM Standard. Digital Drawbars.
DRUM 1 32 New Drum sets.
DRUM 2 150 Live Drums, featuring Acoustic, Jazz, Pop and Dance Loops.
EFFECTS Multi effect DSP. Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Rotor Slow/Fast.
MIDI In, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM standard.
OUTPUTS Left & Right Outputs . Stereo headphone.
VOLUME Volume Slider.
DIMENSIONS L x W x H = (12 x 13 x 4 cms.) (4.8 x 5.2x 1.6 inches).
WEIGHT 0.6 Kg. (1.32 lbs)
POWER External 12 Volts Power supply.
OPTIONS USB to Midi cable.

Specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice.


Do not update instruments with serial number from 14951 and higher.
This update can only be installed on instruments with serial number from
10001 to 14950
(When reading the serial number, please consider only the block of 5 numbers)


1) SD2updater.msi
2) SD2_4.sd2

The first file (SD2_updater.msi) is the installation file for the program “Sd2Update.exe
which is used to install the second file (SD2_4.sd2) into the flash memory of the SD2.

Follow the instructions below to update the instrument:

1) Unzip the zipped file into a user folder on your computer.
2) Open the folder in which the above file was unzipped to and double click on the Sd2Updater.msi file to install it.
3) After a successful installation, the icon “Sd2Update” will appear on your computer’s desktop.
4) Run this “Sd2Update” program by double clicking on the program icon. Click on “File” and choose “Open” to find the file “Sd2_4.sd2” and open by clicking on ‘Open
5) On top of the program Window the file name will be shown. All buttons will be enabled and the file size will appear on the bottom-left corner.
6) Make shure that the output device is the right one (the program searches the output midi peripheral automatically, however, if the computer has more than one midi device, the one selected might not be the right one. In this case, choose the right one from the drop down list).
7) Click on the “Program” button to start updating the SD2

The blue Power/Midi Led will flash and a warning message be displayed on the computer screen – click on “OK” to confirm the message. The progress bar will move forward. This proceedure is about 2.5 minutes. At the end the led should continue to flash as before. If the flashing is faster or irregular, the update procedure will need to be repeated again. This should be done without switching OFF the SD2. If on the second trial, the programming is not successful once more, this emplies the internal memory of the SD2 has a serious problem and the instrument must be repaired.
It is very important not to disconnect the midi cable or turn off either the SD2 or the computer during programming.

1) ” Check Sum” to verify the correct memory for programming (it verifies if the memory contents are equal to the file contents. This is usefull to verify if the internal memory contents has the same firmware version as the current file). If this is OK, the flashing will be regular, otherwise it won’t be irregular.
2) ” Memory Test” to check the entire memory (software and sounds) regardless of the firmware version. When started, the led will flash faster and at the end if OK the flashing will return to slower and regular, otherwise it will be irregular.

To resume normal operations, the SD2 must be RESET (switched OFF and ON).




This page offers some utilities for the SD2 / SD4 instrument that will allow you to use some very important functions of your instrument in a much simpler and detailed manner:



In this first section denominated SD2 / SD4 Templates you can download the contents of documents and files, in zipped format ( zip ®), to configure the SD2 / SD4 instrument with some of the most popular sequencers ( Cubase ® , Logic ® Cakewalk ®) to be able to manage the maps of Sounds and the Drawbars section much easier. The enclosed documents offer some examples on their configuration and use.

Download file



Computerised documents of all the Orchestra sounds and Drum sets available in the built-in memory of the SD2 / SD4 instrument. This document ( zip ®) proves extremely useful to find out all the real sound potentials of the SD2 / SD4 instrument.

Download file L



This is a library with all the midi files that control the Audio Percussion Loops of the SD2 / SD4 instrument, to be used with your sequence program. Once you de-zip the file ( zip ®) the computer automatically creates some folders containing the midi files of the Single Loops, the Demos and some typical configurations of applications for Styles.

Download file

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