What is included when saving a Single Registration?

  • Current style, its tempo, its main settings such as the selected arrangement, volumes etc.
  • Arranger Mode parameters.
  • Volume settings of the Left and Right slider.
  • The right hand parameters (sound, second voice, etc.)
  • DSP parameters (effect type, preset, send, etc.)
  • MIDI settings (Channel Transmit, Channel receive, Transposition, etc.)
  • Parameters related to the keyboard (Left Voice, Split etc.)
  • Parameters of the Vocalist and both microphones.
  • Drum mixer parameters.
  • Player’s parameters (current repertoire, selected file, etc.)
  • Current panel state.
  • The current Play List.
  • The position of the User Assignable sliders..
  • Individual Preset Output Parameters’
  • Parameters related to the Arabic scale.
  • Parameters from the keyboard menu.
  • Footswitch settings.
  • TXT files.

A Single Registration can contain selected parameters, or all parameters. The Single Registration feature provides maximum flexibility and efficiency by allowing the user to specify the data to be saved and restored. For example, you can use the Single Registration feature to memorize the current style and sound for the right hand without having to save (and later restore)the song list, MIDI status, and other unnecessary data.. Optimum default settings are also available and provide an efficient way to help get you started working with Single Registrations.

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