How can I speed-up the starting process of a midi file with synchronised audio tracks ?

When a midi file with synchronised audio tracks is started, a certain amount of time is required to allow the instrument to calculate the necessary points of synchronisation for the files to be played.
Once this process has been completed and you are satisfied with the audio result achieved, this information can be saved within the files to avoid having to calculate them again each time you start.
In this way a midi file with synchronised audio tracks can be started very quickly, without having to wait.
Obviously the associated audio tracks can no longer be modified.
If the audio and/or midi files are modified with an external editor or sequencer, the synchronisation achieved can no longer be guaranteed.
Proceed as follows to save the synchronisation info:
Start playing the midi file with the two associated audio tracks (Enter on the MIDI file).

  • Select the MIDI file to which the two audio tracks were assigned.
  • Press ENTER
    The MIDI file and the WAVE tracks will be played back.
  • Press the SAVE button while the files are being played.
  • Press F1 Save Sync Param.

Subsequently, the synchronised files will be started in FAST mode.

Il prossimo riavvio dei file sincronizzati avverrà in modalità FAST.

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