How can I speed up access to Wave, Mp3 and MIDI files?

The time required to access and start the Wav, Mp3 and Mid files of the player may depend on the number of files present in the current directory, and also on the settings of the PLAYER AUTO LOAD function.
In order to assure that the time required to start a file becomes “indipendent” from the number of files present in the current directory,  you need to set the PLAYER AUTO LOAD function to NO.
When this mode is active, the machine no longer automatically loads possible text files (TXT) associated to the single files.
In order to speed up the access maintaining the TXT files auto loading function active, you should divide your repertory into a number of directories, each of which containing not too many files.

How to set the PLAYER AUTO LOAD function:
- Press the MENU button
- Press the F4 KEYBOARD CONTROL function button
- Press the F10 UTILITY function button
- Press the USER 5/10 Next Page function button.
- Press the F4 Player Auto Load function button
- Use the dial to set the function value to NO.

With this type of setting, the instrument will no longer automatically load possible TXT files associated to the WAV, MP3 and MID files.

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