How can I select the audio source for recording?


During an HD Recording session you may select what is to be recorded, or rather the audio source to be recorded.
This means that, for example, you can play a midi file and audio record just the data output from the microphones or from the Line In connections, or you can record a wave file that includes all the sounds produced by the instrument, etc..
The source to be recorded must be selected before a recording session is started.
Proceed as follows to select the recording source:
From the AUDIO RECORDING main window:

  • Press the EDIT button.
  • Use the function keys F1..F10 to select the required recording source.



In detail, with

  • F1 LINE IN the data output from the LINE IN connections is recorded.
  • F2 MP3-1 the data output from the Mp3 Players is recorded.
    This means, for example, that you can transform an Mp3 file into a Wave file.
  • F3 WAVE the audio reproduced by the WAVE channels is recorded.
  • F4 MICRO/VOICETRON the microphone inputs and the Vocalizer outputs are set as recording source.
  • MAIN OUT everything generated by the keyboard is recorded.
  • KEYBOARD only the music played on the keyboard and by the style is recorded.



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