How can I record in MP3 format ?

Audya contains an Mp3 Encoder that allows you to perform digital recordings directly in compressed format.
The MP3 recording procedure is similar to the one explained for wave files.



  • Press the MENU button
  • Press F8 Audio Recording
  • Press F1 Mp3 Recording
  • Press ENTER
  • Enter the file name
  • Press the USER 5/10 (Enter) button
    When the Record LED lights up, it means that the instrument is waiting for the recording process to start.
  • Press the USER 5/10 (START REC) button or the RECORD button to start recording.


To stop the recording session, press the RECORD button once again or press the USER 4/9 (STOP/REC) button from the recording window.
The instrument automatically changes over to the MP3 environment and displays the contents of the C:\MP3 directory where the file just recorded was stored.
To play it back, simply press Enter. .


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