How to recall a Single Registration by using a MIDI Program Change? Featured

To facilitate the use of the instrument with MIDI devices such as accordions, master keyboard, etc. you can call the registration through a combination of MIDI commands of Banco and Program Change sent on MIDI channel dedicated to their control.

And 'The retrieval via MIDI only the registration contained in the currently selected folder.
The registration are divided into groups of 128 selectable by controlling MIDI bank change
Control Change 0.


Control Change Program change

Registration Caricata


Control Change 0

Program Change 0..127

0001 Registration_1

0002 Registration_2

0003 Registration_3

0127 Registration_127

0128 Registration_128



Control Change 1

Program Change 0..127


0129 Registration_129

0130 Registration_130

0131 Registration_131

0255 Registration_255

0256 Registration_256



Control Change 2

Program Change 0..127


0257 Registration_257

0258 Registration_258

0259 Registration_259

0383 Registration_383

0384 Registration_384









To invoke the Registration marked by numbers ranging from 0 to 127:
  • Send Control Change 0 with value 0.
  • Send Program Change from 0 to 127.

To recall Registration marked by numbers ranging from 128 to 256:

  • Send Control Change on value 0 1
  • Send Program Change that goes from 0 to 127
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