How to recall a Single Registration? Featured


  • Access Single Registration by pressing the button REGISTRATION.
    The screen will display the files and folders repertoire C:\REGISTRATION\SINGLE.
    Otherwise, press USER 5/10 and activate the mode Single?
  • Select the desired registration with the DATA/VALUE dialer or with the cursor buttons.
  • Press ENTER.


Once the registration has been loaded, its name appears on the top left corner of the display.

You can also recall the registration using the number that has been assigned to it:




How to call a Registration by number:

  • Press the REGISTRATION button.
    The registration content is shown on the display. C:\REGISTRATION\SINGLE
    If it is not displayed, press the button USER5/10 and select Single mode.
  • Activate the Numeric On mode Numeric on by pressing USER 3/8.
  • Enter the desired registration number on the numeric panel.
    The registration will be loaded after entering the third digit.




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