Which are Audya’s USB Slave modes?


Audya USB port is normally used as direct connection to a PC.
On standard operating mode, once connected to the computer, it will be recognized as “Mass Storage Units”.
In this way, you can manage your files and the HD contents for copy, delete, edit files and others functions

On Audya keyboard series,ther’s an additional way through which you can change the operation of the rear USB connection and set its as USB MIDI port.
As well  you will able to transmit and receive MIDI messages from/to your PC using USB cable:
This mode is called USB MIDI.


When this function is activated, the keyboard is recognized as “Multimedia Audio Device“.
By the way It will be possible send and receive MIDI data from your PC via USB connection, but you can’t manage files and resources of the HD inside of the instrument as the standard operating mode allows.

The USB MIDI mode can be activated by two different menus;
Main menu MIDI and MIDI menu GM.

If you want manage your files on the internal HD of the instrument from your PC,
USB-MIDI function must be  disabled from both control menu.

Main Menu