What are the FACTORY STYLES and the USER STYLES?


Audya uses two different families of styles: FACTORY STYLES and USER STYLES .

The FACTORY STYLES are supplied by the manufacturer and can be accessed via the STYLES section on the keyboard.



The Styles belonging to this family cannot be modified, i.e. they cannot be overwritten or replaced.

It is not possible to add or remove any styles from or to this group

The USER STYLES instead are styles that can be modified, adapted to the user’s individual requirements or, more generally speaking, can be personalised.
It is possible to add new USER STYLES, remove those that are no longer necessary or personalise their grouping in families and pages.

Originally the USER STYLES have an organisation that is very similar to the organisation of the FACTORY STYLES;  they, too, are divided in families and, when the instrument leaves the factory, each family of the user styles has exactly the same files as those that can be found in the relevant family of FACTORY STYLES.

It should be stressed that there is no functional difference between the FACTORY STYLES and the USER STYLES, except for the fact that only the latter can be modified and personalised.

For the procedure how to modify a FACTORY STYLE and how to save it in the relevant USER family, please refer to the instructions given in the relevant F.A.Q.

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