How to set a Midifile track in vocalizer mode?


A vocalizer track can be automatically set from a midifile, via specific midi events or
it can be set manually by the user.
Automatically setting the vocalizer part (programmed within the midifile).
A track of the midifile is identified as VOCALIZER when it contains at least one of
the following midi events:
–      Control Change 17 with value 8
–      Control Change 16 with value 0
You can also set a track as vocalizer by adding the exclusive system below to the
–      F0 26 7B 33 00 Part [0..15] Value[0..1] F7
In which “Part” indicates the number of the part to be assigned to the vocalizer and
the Value parameter sets the relative part On/Off. For example, if you wish to set
part 16 of the midifile as vocalizer, you need to add the following string:
F0 26 7B 33 00 0F 01 F7

You cannot add these controls to the midifile directly from midJay, but you need to
edit the midifiles using an editor or an external midi sequencer.
The presence of one of the above-mentioned controls, automatically sets the vocalizer
in MIDI mode.
You can however also set the vocalizer track manually and save such setting within
each midifile using Song Setup.

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