Manually setting the vocalizer part.


Proceed as follows to set the vocalizer part manually:
–      Start playing the midifile
–      Activate the edit mode GM MIDI PART using the EDIT key
–      Select the part desired
–     Modify the MODE of the part, by turning the Alpha dial until
VOCALIZER mode appears.
From here onwards, all the midi events of the part selected will be sent to the
vocalizer unit. You can also set the volume, the transposition and quantity of reverb
of the voices of the vocalizer.

Once some settings are satisfied, you can save everything within the midifile by
pressing the SAVE key. In this manner, each time the midifile is started, the settings
saved within will be pulled-up.
There is also a way of always and in any event forcing a certain track as
VOCALIZER for all the midifiles. To set such parameter, select VOCAL PART
LOCK in the second page of the MIDIFILE FUNCTION EDIT menu (Edit->
Function key). By setting this value, the related part of all the midifiles played will be
considered as VOCALIZER. This setting can be saved in Power On Setup.

Considering that the midi events of the vocalizer part are only sent to the
harmonization unit, they will not be played by the voice generation function. Be
very careful therefore when using this function.

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