How can I start a recording session in the MIXDOWN mode?



In this mode you can overdub a wave file starting from any point of the wave file, not necessarily from its beginning.
Let’s suppose for example that you wish to overdub a voice on a song refrain. Using the MIXDOWN function you no longer need to “listen” to the whole song from its beginning, but you can start recording directly from the refrain or from any other point you wish.
How to overdub in MIXDOWN mode.

  • Press the MENU button
  • Press F8 Audio Recording
  • Press F6 Wave Recording
  • Press ENTER
  • Press F4 MIXDOWN
  • Enter the file name
  • Press the USER 5/10 (Enter) button.
    Directory C:Wave is opened.
  • Select the wave file on which the overdubbing is to be carried out.
  • Press START to start playing the wave file.
    IMPORTANT: do not use the ENTER button to start playing. If you do so, also the recording of the new wave is started automatically.
  • Go to the required point using the FORWARD and REWIND keys.
  • Press the RECORD button when you wish to start recording..

Press the RECORD button once more to stop recording.
Once the recording function has stopped, a “waiting pop-up” appears on the display, during which the required post processing operations are carried out.
Afterwards the file made up of the original file plus the overdub just carried out is displayed.






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