How can I add new Styles to my Audya using a USB stick?


If the .PAT files to be loaded to your Audya are contained in a USB stick, you can use the copy and paste functions of your instrument to add the new styles to the Audya hard disk.

– Insert the stick into one of the two USB master ports on the rear panel of the keyboard.


Press the DISK button
Press the USER 2/7 function button to access the USB device.


Select the file to copy
Press the USER 5/10 ( DISK MENU) button.
Press the ENTER button to select the file. To the left of the file a blue point appears.
Press the F1 COPY function button
Select the internal HD C:
Select the USER STYLE folder


– Select the folder where to copy the new pattern
– Press ENTER


Press the User5/10 (EXECUTE) button to start the file copy.


Press the DISK button to exit the relevant menu.


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