How can I enable the numbers on the Player?


In order to enable numeric access to the player files, in other words in order to call up the songs by entering their numbers, the Enable Numb.File function on the second page of the Utility menu on Audya must be enabled.
In detail:

– Press the MENU key on the main screen page,

– Press F4 Keyboard control

– Press F10 Utility


– Press the USER 5/10 Next Page button.
– Press F5 to select the “Enable Numb. Files” function, and use the Data/Value wheel to set the status to “ON”, thus enabling numeric files  selection on the Player.





 – Then press the MENU button again to go back to the main page.


Per richiamare i file del player in modo numerico, procedere come segue:

Dalla schermata principale, premere MENU’, F4 Keyboard control (Fig.1), F10 Utility (Fig.2) e User 5/10 Next Page (Fig.3).

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