How to quickly insert Files, Styles and Sounds in a Block Registration?


It is possible to insert a file (MP3, wave, MIDI file), style or sound in a Block registration directly, without necessarily having to create Single Registrations.

  • Press the REGISTRATION button
  • Press the USER 4/9 button (Block)
  • Press the EDIT button
  • Press the USER 1/6 button (Create)
  • Select the desired memory location.

To insert a Style:

  • Select the desired memory location
  • Select a Style. (factory or user)
  • Press ENTER.
    The Style will be inserted in that location.

.To insert a Voice:

  • Select the desired voice (sound).

  • Press ENTER
    The voice will be inserted in the current location.

To insert a File

  • Select the desired file (Txt for example)
  • Press ENTER
    Thefile will be inserted in the current location.

Once the editing process is finished, simply press SAVE




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