How to convert style.pat to SD7 and Midjpro format


How to convert style.pat to SD7 and Midjpro format


The Midjay Pro and SD7 can import and use Styles from the previous KETRON Style libraries (SD, MJ). Of course to ensure and maximize compatibility, we must use Styles that share common sound characteristics as those used in the original instrument. That said, let’s proceed and find out how to convert these styles. First we recommend you copy the style(s) from an external source (USB Stick, computer, HD) to the internal memory of MJ Pro or SD7 (User Style folder). In the Disk Edit menu, you can find both the Copy and Paste functions (already well explained in the user manual) which you can use to transfer the style(s) into one of the USER STYLE family folders (e.g. Swing).



For this example, we will copy our style into the subfolder “SWING”.



Once you have saved the style in the folder (using DISK EDIT), return to this folder so you can proceed with using the converted style(s).



Click on select the highlighted style. A pop up message will appear as below.



Confirm the style you want to convert. As you can see, there are also other options such as Cancel (used to cancel the procedure) or All Folder (used to convert many selected styles at once if there are more than one style to converted simultaneously in the same folder. , Once you confirm this procedure a pop up message will appear, showing the Conversion’s progress.



A message (as showed below) will inform you about the success of the Conversion.



A questo punto lo Style nativo in formato .PAT e’ stato trasformato nel nuovo formato. KSTutilizzabile nel Midjpro o nella SD7.



Now, the original .PAT style would have been converted to the new format. KST. This KST format style can now be used in both the Midjpro or SD7.


Clik here  to download the PDF.


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