How to control the ROTOR speed


How to control the ROTOR speed of an ORGAN using a sustain pedal  

From within the ORGAN category, touch the sound you wish to edit for about 2 seconds to activate the SOUND EDITOR screen.



Turn on  the INSERT ON for the voice in question

NOTE: we suggest the value of the CHORUS should be set to “0”, to avoid the sum of effects distorting the sound.



Touch “Insert Type” and select the effect you want,


in this case the ROTARY effect should be selected.


Selection happened.



 Go to the 4th page and touch “Mode” (sect. Morph / Rotor), and select the mode required (in this case “Sust.Switch”). Choosing this will allow you to control the Rotor by pressing the sustain pedal to toggle between slow and fast rotor speeds (ROTOR SLOW / FAST).



 Save your ‘new’ voice as a USER VOICE by pressing the SAVE button on the panel. We recommend you give it a different name (to distinguish this sound from the original factory sound which remains unchanged).





 To recall the new sound you just modified, touch the USER icon from the main voice selection page and touch ORGAN (to display the User ORGAN voices). Next, touch your new voice.



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