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Last News

Audya Software Update 4.1A

  KETRON are pleased to announce software update version 4.1A which is now ready for download from this website by clicking on ‘software’ .For continued best performance of your Audya we suggest updating to 4.1A.

Audya Sound Upgrade

KETRON are pleased to announce the “SOUND UPGRADE” for Audya is now available. This software is contained on an auto-installing USB Pen Drive which updates: WaveTable, Presets, Programs, Effects, some Styles and many other internal resources of the keyboard.Please contact your dealer or our distributor. For more info and installation procedure, please click here

Audya Software Update 4.1B

KETRON are pleased to announce O.S. 4.1b for Audya.Installing this version will synchronize your Audya with the O.S. contained on the new ‘Sound Upgrade‘ USB Pen Drive. It should only be installed if you do not plan to upgrade your Audya with the Pen Drive.O.S. Version 4.1B can be downloaded from this website . IMPORTANT…

Musikmesse-live-from April 6 to 9, 2011 –


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