Download Name Play
download Demo Funk
Marcello Colò

download Demo Fast Bebop
Marcello Colò

download Demo Bossa Nova
Marcello Colò

download Demo New Jazz
Marcello Colò

download Demo Twist & Voicetron
Marcello Colò


Style Demos

Download Name Play
download 16 beat 1
download 16 beat 2
download 16 beat 3
download 70 beat 2
download 70s revival
download 8 beat 1
download 8 beat 2
download Acpustic pop
download Afterhours
download Aloha
download Basic Rock
download Bayerisch March
download Beguine 1
download Big band 1
download Big band 2
download Big band 3
download Blues
download Bogaloo
download Bossa 1
download British tune
download Burt's theme
download Caliante R
download Canadian folk
download Chacha 2
download Chacha rock
download Classic Ballad unplugged
download Classic march
download Classic rock
download Compilation
download Cool pop
download Country Ballad
download Country beat
download Cuban ballad
download Cumbia 1
download Cumbia party
download DJ Groove
download Dance 1
download Dance 2
download Disco 70s 2
download Dixiland
download English Waltz
download Fast Bebop
download Folk 12_8
download Folk pop
download Folk song
download Gipsy mood
download Hully gully 2
download Italian folklore
download Jazz waltz
download Jive
download Kramer ballad
download Latin Rock
download Mambo Shuffle
download Manouche
download Meringue 1
download Musette waltz
download New soul
download Oberka waltz
download Old blues
download Orchestral slow
download Polka party 2
download Pop melody
download R & Blues 2
download RNB
download Reggae 1
download Rock Shuffle
download Salsa Mambo
download Samba classic
download Samba orchestral
download Scandbugg
download Shuffle pop
download Slow waltz
download Smooth jazz 1
download Spatzenbeat
download Swing 3
download Triplets
download Vintage
download Vinyl RNB
download Western Shuffle
download Western movie
download acoustic folk
download moderato
download upbeat

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