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News from Frankfurt MusikMesse 2012




The KETRON MIDJPRO is a new state- of-the art professional player, featuring modern multimedia performances with Midi, Wav, Mp3, Mp4, Jpg, Pics, Karaoke and DVI, touch sensitive Screen, sound card with hi-quality Sounds and Multi Effects, Arranger section, Drum Grooves, Microphone& Guitar Input with pro-effects, Vocalizer, Juke Boxe, DJ ambient, HD Recording, advanced USB and SD Card facilities. Combining all-in-one such huge potential together with an easy interface and compact dimensions, the KETRON MIDJPRO redefines the standard for the contemporary live entertainment’s players.




SD 1000 Professional Sound Module

The KETRON SD 1000 is a professional sound module designed for Computer music and Midi file applications, offering 384 top Orchestral Sounds including a new Stereo Grand Piano, new Brass and Sax in addition to the acclaimed KETRON solos, new multi-layer Guitars and Basses, new Stereo Pad,Strings, Synth, Electric Pianos and Accordion, 50 new Acoustic and Electronics Drums Sets , 170 Drum Grooves, Multi Effects, USB socket.
Thanks to  his hi-quality Sounds and his pocket  sizes, the SD 1000 arises as a perfect tool for a live performance or for a modern home studio set-up..






KETRON GP1 Classic Grand

Trying to reproduce an acoustic Grand Piano is always an hard task, we know.
But the KETRON GP1 Classic Grand represents a new very signifiant step on this challenge with some unique features.
First of all the GP1 Stereo Piano sound is obtained with an extremely accurate sampling note by note of an acclaimed concert Grand Piano. A very sophisticated approach with 11 microphones, real multilayer stacking and a new 88 weighted keyboard allowed us to reproduce the natural, emotional timbre and touch of each single key, from the lowest to the highest notes, without the compromises normally associated to any digital piano of this category.
The result is great, giving at your fingertips the real sensation of playing a concert piano.
In addition a top selection of Vintage electric pianos and a professional multieffect has been added, together with a superb stereo String ensemble, modern pads and basses for a creative double and split combinations.
The light weight and the affordable price makes even more attractive the instrument.
Any professional player who’s asking for sound quality as first matter, will find for sure on the KETRON GP1 the right choice, both for home entertainment, studio recording or live performances.



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